Tvärbanan has its only stretch of street running through Gröndal, a sleepy little suburban area that's had much more attention focused on it since the trams came. Initially there was considerable resistance to the tram line here, with business owners fearing it would drive away carborne customers and residents fearing noise problems. These concerns seem to have dissipated since the line opened, and it would appear that Tvärbanan is as popular here as it is along the rest of its route. Some of the business owners even say they've seen an upswing in their business since the trams started running.

Gröndal, street with approaching car

(20 October 2000)
A street in Gröndal (north of Liljeholmen), with a light rail car approaching. This is now the only place in Stockholm with streetcars running in the street in regular (i.e., not restricted museum) service. This car is southbound (toward Gullmarsplan), so we are looking timetable north (toward Alvik).

Street in Gröndal, car moves closer

(20 October 2000)
Taken on the same occasion as the photo above.  The light rail car has moved closer and can be seen better here.

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