Tvärbanan, the Cross Line, is a light rail line connecting the major tunnelbana (underground) interchanges at Alvik, Liljeholmen, and Gullmarsplan. At Alvik there is interchange with (normally) all lines of Tub1 (west of the city) and with the Nockebybanan light rail line; at Liljeholmen, interchange with all lines of Tub2 and a bus terminal; and at Gullmarsplan, interchange with all lines of Tub1 and a major bus terminal.
Peak trains on Tvärbanan generally run with two cars of type A32 coupled together, but off-peak trains are usually single-car.
At the end of January 2002, cracks were discovered in the bridges that connect Gröndal with Stora Essingen and Stora Essingen with Alviks strand. The bridges were closed as a precautionary measure, and for several days there was no service at all on Tvärbanan. After that, it was decided to transport several older cars of type A30 and B30, normally used on Nockebybanan, via the subway to Gullmarsplan in order to maintain service between there and Liljeholmen. (The A32 cars normally used on Tvärbanan cannot be moved via the subway because they are too broad and tend to damage the wooden third-rail covers. Use of A30/B30 stock meant that no service was possible north of Liljeholmen, on the street-running sections, because the A30/B30 cars lack turn signals and brake lights.)
Here is a list of the stops along Tvärbanan. The stops where I've taken photos are linked to the pages with the photos.