Mariatorget (Tub2, all lines)

Mariatorget was opened on 5 April 1964.

Mariatorget, northbound train departing

(21 July 2001)
A northbound train on line 13 (for Ropsten) leaving Mariatorget.

Mariatorget, southbound train arriving, 1

(21 July 2001)
A southbound train on line 13 (for Norsborg) arriving at Mariatorget.
I was sort of hiding behind the wall when I took this picture, because I was a bit afraid of being reported for taking pictures in the station (after that Connex employee had told me I couldn't at Liljeholmen).

Mariatorget, southbound train arriving, 2

(21 July 2001)
The same train as it proceeds into the station.

Mariatorget, mid-platform passage

(21 July 2001)
A view of the mid-platform passage between the two platform faces.

Mariatorget, sculpture, 1

Mariatorget, sculpture, 2

(21 July 2001)
This bronze sculpture is at the south end of the station, right on the platform as you come off the escalators. It is quite popular, having been stolen at least eight times. It's unfortunate that someone felt the need to "enhance" it with graffiti.

Mariatorget, northbound platform

(21 July 2001)
A long view of the northbound platform, clearly showing the typical 1960s ceiling and tunnel opening.

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