Liljeholmen (Tub2, all lines)

Liljeholmen was opened on 5 April 1964.

Liljeholmen, north end, stairways

(21 July 2001)
This photo shows the two stairways (one on each platform) at the north end of Liljeholmen underground that lead to the stop for Tvärbanan, the new light rail line that runs from Gullmarsplan via Liljeholmen to Alvik.

Liljeholmen, southbound train departing

(21 July 2001)
A southbound train on line 24 departs Liljeholmen, bound for Fruängen.

Liljeholmen, northbound train arriving

(21 July 2001)
A northbound train on line 24 (for Mörby centrum) arriving at Liljeholmen.

Liljeholmen, southbound platform, stairway

(21 July 2001)
A somewhat clearer view of the stairway up to Tvärbanan on the southbound platform. You can see just a bit of the stop itself up there.

Liljeholmen, northbound train ready to depart

(21 July 2001)
A northbound train on line 13 (for Ropsten) is ready to leave Liljeholmen. The Connex employee on the right, in the reflective vest, informed me a moment later that I couldn't take photographs without a permit, which is not correct, but seems to be a common misconception. This view is looking timetable north.

Liljeholmen, looking south, trackwork

(21 July 2001)
This photo is looking timetable south from the northbound platform at Liljeholmen. I wanted to show the somewhat intricate trackwork just beyond the station.

Liljeholmen, southbound platform and light rail car

(21 July 2001)
Taken from the northbound platform, this view shows the southbound platform as well as a light rail car stopped on the upper level.

Liljeholmen, northbound train approaching

(21 July 2001)
A northbound train on line 24 (for Mörby centrum) emerges from the tunnel just south of the station.

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