Fridhemsplan (Tub1, all lines)

Note:  Some northbound trains turn back at Odenplan or Hötorget, especially when the summer timetable is in effect (mid-June to mid-August), and those trains do not serve Fridhemsplan.

The Tub1 station was opened on 26 October 1952.

Fridhemsplan, Tub1, southbound train departing

(6 February 2001)
A train of C20 stock departs Fridhemsplan southbound.  Notice the curvature of the track.  The tunnelbana originally used guards to monitor boarding and alighting, and to close the doors.  Now, stations with curved platforms have been fitted with closed-circuit monitors at all stopping points, to allow one-man operation.  There are no longer any guards in the system.

Fridhemsplan, Tub1, northbound track and platform face

(6 February 2001)
Another view of the northbound platform at Fridhemsplan (Tub1).  This view is looking timetable south.  Again, notice the sharp curve of the platform.

Fridhemsplan, Tub1, northbound train of C20 stock arriving

(6 February 2001)
A northbound train of C20 stock entering the station at Fridhemsplan.

Fridhemsplan, Tub1, northbound train of C20 stock stopping

(6 February 2001)
The same train as in the previous photo, about to come to a stop in the station.

Fridhemsplan (Tub3, lines 10 and 11)

The Tub3 station was opened on 31 August 1975.

The Tub3 station at Fridhemsplan was built long after the Tub1 station, and is completely different in design.  Among other things, the Tub3 platforms here, as in all the Tub3 stations, are completely straight because Tub3 was designed and built after it became clear that it would be necessary to convert completely to one-person operation in the tunnelbana.

Fridhemsplan, Tub3, station signs

(6 February 2001)
This photo shows the new signage that's being introduced on Connex's initiative.  In my opinion, quite an improvement over the soulless crapola that SL had been putting into the stations since the mid-1980s (see the last picture on the page about Odenplan for an example).

Fridhemsplan, Tub3, southbound platform

(6 February 2001)
This photo gives some idea of how the Tub3 station looks and feels.  It's a fairly typical Tub3 station, more like a cave than a building.  Many people complain that the lighting is inadequate in the Tub3 stations (and it is in many of them).

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