Odenplan (Tub1, all lines)

Note:  Some northbound trains turn back at Hötorget, and these trains do not serve Odenplan.

Odenplan was opened on 26 October 1952.

Here's a sequence of shots I took at Odenplan on 6 February 2001.

Odenplan, platform sequence 1

The northbound train on the left, of C20 stock, has just arrived and is about to open its doors.  The southbound train on the right, of older ("Cx") stock, is just arriving.

Odenplan, platform sequence 2

The same two trains, with their doors open.

Odenplan, platform sequence 3

The northbound is closing its doors.  The southbound is still waiting (possibly for its departure time).

Odenplan, platform sequence 4

The northbound has closed its doors and is ready to leave.

Odenplan, platform sequence 5

The northbound is departing, and the southbound has closed its doors.

Odenplan, platform sequence 6

The southbound train departing Odenplan.

Odenplan, platform sequence 7

The southbound train proceeds out of the station.

Odenplan, station name sign

(6 February 2001)
Here is an example of the style of signage that SL has been installing in the tunnelbana since the mid-1980s.  I find it plain and soulless.  For an example of the original style, see my page on Abrahamsberg; for my favorite, the style introduced in 1955, see my page on Hötorget, and for an example of the new style introduced by Connex Tunnelbanan, see the bottom of my page about Fridhemsplan.

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