Trångsund is a small suburb south of Stockholm, on the line to Västerhaninge and Nynäshamn. The station was opened in 1901. There have been several station buildings here: the original building from 1901, a new one built in 1907 that was demolished in 1961, and the little station building built in 1986. Note that from 1961 to 1986, there was no station building here, even though the station was in active use.
Until 1996, Trångsund was a single-track stop with a simple side platform and an even simpler little station building. When a project got underway to double- track the line from Älvsjö and Västerhaninge in 1993, part of the project involved a new station for Trångsund. The photos below were taken at this new station, completed and opened in 1996.

Trångsund, northbound train arriving

(20 May 2000)
A northbound train is arriving at Trångsund in this photo, taken from a walkway that crosses both tracks and includes stairs and an elevator down to the platform, which is between the tracks.

Trångsund, northbound train departing

(20 May 2000)
The same train as it departs Trångsund.

Trångsund, northbound train leaving

(20 May 2000)
The same train, proceeding out of the station. You can see the train better in this view.

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