The station was opened in 1901. The original station building from 1901 was demolished in 1974 and replaced with a new one. As part of the double-tracking of the line between Älvsjö and Västerhaninge, a new station was built here that, among other things, permits interchange between buses and trains with no changes of level.
This is because, as the southern terminal for most of the southbound trains on this line, Västerhaninge is an important bus interchange. Numerous buses serve the surrounding communities, giving them convenient connections to the trains at Västerhaninge to provide easy access to downtown Stockholm and other parts of the region.

Västerhaninge, northbound train

(20 May 2000)
A northbound train arrives at the platform at Västerhaninge.

Västerhaninge, train stabled on siding

(20 May 2000)
A commuter train in the recent livery is stabled on a side track at Västerhaninge.

Västerhaninge, stabled train

(20 May 2000)
Another view of the same train, showing that new livery more clearly.

Västerhaninge, stabled train and apartment buildings

(20 May 2000)
The same train, but this view shows some of the apartment buildings that cluster around the station.

Västerhaninge, close view of stabled train

(20 May 2000)
A much closer view of that stabled train and its livery. Trains with this paint scheme have also been rehabbed on the inside, in a more attractive color scheme, and with such new features as an audible door-closing chime and automated visual and audible next-station announcements.

Sundbyberg, renovated interior

(23 January 2002)
A view of the rehabbed interior of a car of this type.

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