Here are some links to other transit sites and sources of information. I'll be adding more links as time goes on.

The Web site of the Swedish Tramway Society (Svenska Spårvägssällskapet). Contains masses of information about trams and transit in Sweden, as well as a superb collection of links. If you speak Swedish, check out the Forum.

The Stockholm Subway System
The English-language version of the definitive site on Stockholm's unique subway system.

Stefan Nicolaisen's attractive and informative site about the Lidingöbanan light rail line that I used to work on, just outside Stockholm. I'm in the process of translating the site into English, but right now it's only in Swedish. (formerly has information about metro and light rail systems all over the world. Here is a link to UrbanRail's Stockholm page.

My friend Bruse Persson has a site with all sorts of info on trams, funiculars, and...well, go see for yourself!

Scott M. Kozel, who I've disagreed with a whole lot on Usenet, has an interesting Web site that's mostly about roads (yuck -- but whatever floats yer boat!), but he has lots of interesting information on the Washington Metro and the Baltimore Metro and light rail as well.

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik no longer operates transit service, but is the agency responsible for tendering all local transit service, so it decides what service is to be operated. It also owns much of the transit infrastructure and vehicles. Its Web site lets you search for the best routes and times for specific journeys, as well as providing timetables, maps and other information.

NYC Subway Resources is the definitive compilation of information about the New York subway. Tons of info and pictures about the world's largest system. There's also information about one of my favorite systems, the Washington Metro. I sometimes hang out at the discussion board called SubTalk.

Bob Klapouchy has a fascinating site about the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad (the "Hudson Tubes," now known as PATH), a little subway system that connects Manhattan with New Jersey.

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