Tekniska högskolan (Tub2, line 24)

Tekniska högskolan was opened on 30 September 1973.

This station is named after Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, the Royal Institute of Technology, which is Sweden's premier school of engineering and applied science.

Teknis, northbound train departing

(5 August 2001)
A northbound train departs Tekniska högskolan.

Teknis, dodecahedron

(5 August 2001)
This dodecahedron hangs over the passage between the two platform faces at Tekniska högskolan. That's not my flash; it's a spotlight.

Teknis, floor between platform faces

(5 August 2001)
On the floor between the platform faces, a projection of the faces and edges of the dodecahedron.

Teknis, artwork painted on wall, north end

(5 August 2001)
This artwork is painted on the rock wall at the north end of the station.

Teknis, artwork on wall and floor, north end

(5 August 2001)
Again at the north end, but this time the artwork is painted both on the rock wall and on a projecting cube. Note the two-dimensional representation of the cube that's on the floor under it.

Teknis, southbound train arriving

(5 August 2001)
A southbound train arriving at Tekniska högskolan.

Teknis, multi-sided shape with painted surfaces, south end

(5 August 2001)
At the south end of the station you find this multi-sided shape with painted surfaces.

Teknis, plaque with Copernicus and Kepler

(5 August 2001)
This plaque presents some of the postulates proposed by Copernicus and Kepler.

Teknis, northbound platform, Newton's apple

(5 August 2001)
The northbound platform face. That's Newton's apple coming through the ceiling.

Teknis, south end, orientation sign

(5 August 2001)
At the north end of the station, this sign depicts all of Tub2 and indicates which stations can be reached from the adjacent platform face (the southbound) and which ones cannot.

Teknis, southbound platform face

(5 August 2001)
A view of the southbound platform face.

Teknis, south end, artwork

(5 August 2001)
At the south end of the station, artwork depicting tools and mechanical devices. Note also the contrast between the mid-1980s SL style of signage (the white sign with black text hanging from the ceiling) and the recent signage installed by Connex.

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