Slussen (Tub1, all lines)

Slussen (Tub2, all lines)

Slussen has a somewhat more complicated history than most other stations in the tunnelbana.

The first stretch of the tunnelbana was Tub1 from Slussen to Hökarängen, opened on 1 October 1950.  However, the original "tunnelbana" (it was even called that) was opened on 30 September 1933 and ran under Götgatan in the Södermalm section of Stockholm.  This original tunnelbana was for streetcars from some of the southern suburbs, and it served the stations Ringvägen (now Skanstull), Södra Bantorget (shortly changed to Medborgarplatsen) and Slussen.  Slussen was a loop terminal.

When streetcar lines 8 and 19 were rebuilt to become the "real" tunnelbana, the terminal at Slussen was rebuilt as a stub terminal.  Initially, it could only serve trains of up to 5 cars.  When it was rebuilt for the central Stockholm connection (Slussen - Kungsgatan, now Hötorget, via Gamla stan and T-Centralen) that was to open in 1957, it received new platforms that permit 8-car trains to be run.

Slussen has two platforms, one for northbound trains (Tub1 and Tub2), one for southbound trains (Tub1 and Tub2), giving four platform faces. It also has three ticket halls: a north one downstairs, at the terminal for Saltsjöbanan and the buses from Nacka and Värmdö; a center one from Södermalmstorg; and a south one from Götgatan at the corner of Hökens gata.

Slussen, Katarinahissen (the Katarina elevator)

(26 February 2001)
This isn't strictly a picture of Slussen itself, but this is the area outside the station (the more heavily used center entrance is to the right, just outside the picture).  The unusual construction seen here is called Katarinahissen.  It's a public elevator that costs SEK 5 (about USD 0.50) and provides an easy way to conquer the heights of Södermalm.  The buildings you can see at a higher level at the right in this picture are built on a rather steep cliff, and this neighborhood extends rather far to the left, so a good many people have a use for this elevator.  You can, of course, walk up there, but it's neither easy nor quick.

Slussen, outside view of north station entrance

(26 February 2001)
The north entrance to Slussen.  This picture clearly shows the new style of exterior sign introduced by Connex, whose logo you can just see at the right-hand end of the sign; at the left-hand end is SL's logo.

Slussen, interior view of north entrance

(26 February 2001)
The inside of the center entrance.  Connex has really improved this entrance, which used to be rather poorly lit and dingy-looking.  Connex has also installed next-train indicator signs over the turnstiles, as you can see, but unfortunately, as you can also see, they're not consistently kept in operation....

Slussen, north entrance, station signage inside the paid area

(26 February 2001)
More of the new Connex style of signage.  Under this sign, there are two stairways, one to the left and one to the right, that both lead down to the northbound platform.

Slussen, northbound platform, line indicators

(16 March 2001)
More of the new Connex style of signage.  These signs show which lines run from this platform; the directions available from this platform are shown in color, while the directions that are not available are grayed out.

Slussen, northbound platform showing the northbound Tub2 track

(16 March 2001)
This view from the northern end of the northbound platform shows the Tub2 track. This photo also gives something of an overall view of the new signage.
By the way, the northern end of Slussen's northbound platform is the zero chaining point for Tub1 and Tub2.

Slussen, northbound platform with stairway up to Södermalmstorg

(16 March 2001)
Also on the northbound platform, a sign over this stairway indicating that this exit leads up to Södermalmstorg, to several bus lines, and to the southbound platform (the indications for Fruängen, Norsborg, Farsta, Hagsätra, and Skarpnäck).

Slussen, north ticket hall

(10 July 2002)
The north ticket hall at Slussen.

Slussen, escalator bank in north ticket hall

(10 July 2002)
The escalator bank in the north ticket hall. The signage indicates that both Tub1 and Tub2 serve the station.

Slussen, escalators and stairs to northbound platform

(10 July 2002)
At the north end of the station, the escalators and stairs to and from the northbound platform.

Slussen, northbound platform

(10 July 2002)
The northbound platform at Slussen.

Slussen, Saltsjöbanans platform, Katarinahissen's sign

(10 July 2002)
On the platform for the Saltsjöbanan trains, this sign indicates Katarinahissen, a public elevator that goes up to the mostly residential area above Slussen. The first picture on this page shows the entire elevator from outside the station.

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