Skarpnäck (Tub1, line 17)

Opened on 15 August 1994.

Skarpnäck is the newest station in the tunnelbana, along with the new station at Bagarmossen opened on the same day in 1994, but the new Bagarmossen station replaced an earlier surface station from 1958.

Skarpnäck station is decorated with granite benches and a red tiled floor. The red color dominates the station, as you'll see in the pictures below.

Two C20 trains at Skarpnäck

(16 March 2001)
Two trains of C20 (new) stock on the tracks at Skarpnäck. Since this is the terminus of line 17, often one train arrives before the preceding train has left.

Skarpnäck, granite benches

(16 March 2001)
This line of granite benches occupies the center of the platform at Skarpnäck.

Skarpnäck, granite benches from side

(16 March 2001)
Another view of the granite benches, looking timetable north toward the station exit.

Skarpnäck, platform exit

(16 March 2001)
A view of the stairway and escalator that lead to the station exit at Skarpnäck. Did I mention that the red color dominates the station?...

Skarpnäck, northbound train departing

(16 March 2001)
A northbound train on line 17 departing Skarpnäck, bound for Odenplan.

Skarpnäck, southbound train terminating

(16 March 2001)
A southbound line 17 train arriving (and terminating) at Skarpnäck.

Skarpnäck, view of platform

(16 March 2001)
A view of the platform from the stairway at the north end.

Skarpnäck, track and platform

(16 March 2001)
A view of one track and the adjacent platform face.

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