Östermalmstorg (Tub2, all lines)

Opened on 16 May 1965.

The artwork at Östermalmstorg consists of sand-blasted figures on the track walls. The three themes that dominate the artwork are women's rights, peace and the environment.

Silent Spring artwork

(16 March 2001)
This art on a track wall has an environmental theme; Rachel Carson's name is visible at the upper left, and the Swedish phrase under her name ("Tyst vår") means "Silent Spring," the title of Carson's 1962 book warning of the consequences of pollution in our environment.

Art depicting words for 'peace'

(16 March 2001)
This art depicts the words for "peace" in a number of different languages.

Östermalmstorg, southbound track and platform face

(16 March 2001)
The southbound track and platform face, looking timetable north.

Östermalmstorg, platform wall with sign

(16 March 2001)
On a platform wall, the former lettering displaying the station name and directions to exits is still visible. The sign with which this beautiful wall was later violated is, unfortunately, also visible.

Östermalmstorg, northbound platform face and track wall, artwork

(16 March 2001)
The northbound platform face and track wall, showing more of the station artwork. A northbound train on line 13 is departing Östermalmstorg bound for Ropsten.

Östermalmstorg, sign on platform wall with exits

(16 March 2001)
Another of the vile signs with which the platform walls were violated in the 1980s.

Östermalmstorg, northbound train arriving

(16 March 2001)
A northbound train arriving at Östermalmstorg.

Östermalmstorg, new signage

(11 August 2002)
Apparently SL finally got their act together. This new signage was installed during the summer of 2002. I think it's much more attractive and much more respectful of the unique look of this station.

Östermalmstorg, signs of graffiti removal

(11 August 2002)
In June of 2002, Östermalmstorg was bombed with graffiti, much of which obscured the unique artwork by Siri Derkert that makes the station so special. This act convinced me once and for all that graffiti is not art; a true artist would never paint over someone else's public art. This photo shows some of Derkert's artwork with signs of the graffiti removal visible. Sad.

Östermalmstorg, more new signage

(11 August 2002)
New directional signage at Östermalmstorg. The line diagrams, executed in the same dark blue as at all other stations, aren't what I'd really like to see, but the platform indicators are excellent, just like the station sign shown above.

Östermalmstorg, more signs of graffiti removal

(11 August 2002)
More signs of the graffiti removal that help you visualize how large the areas of the station were that were attacked.

Östermalmstorg, southbound train arriving

(11 August 2002)
A southbound train of C20 stock (for Fruängen) arriving at Östermalmstorg.

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