Näckrosen (Tub3, line 11)

Opened on 31 August 1975.

"Näckrosen" means "the water lily," and that's one theme used in the station artwork, as seen below.  The station's south entrance also serves Gamla Filmstaden, which was Sweden's original "Hollywood," an area of studios where many early Swedish films were made.  This history is portrayed in exhibits on the station platforms as well, and I've illustrated this below.

Näckrosen, water lilies on ceiling

(26 February 2001)
Water lilies on the ceiling, in the mid-platform passage between the two platform faces.

Näckrosen, track-wall station name sign

(26 February 2001)
A track-wall station name sign.  Note that this sign uses the "SL-grotesk" typeface that I like so much, used from 1955 until about 1985.  Many of these signs, in other stations, have been replaced with signs using SL's Helvetica variant, ick.  (Or maybe that's just me....)

Näckrosen, station signs on platform

(26 February 2001)
The platform station signs at Näckrosen are all Helvetica versions.  Apparently I'm not alone in disliking these signs; notice that the main station name sign has been defaced....

Näckrosen, photo from filming of "Gösta Berlings saga" with Greta Garbo

(26 February 2001)
A photograph of a photograph.  This photo is from the filming of the classic Swedish film "Gösta Berlings saga."  The woman at the right is Greta Garbo, then known as Greta Gustafsson.

Näckrosen, Greta Gustafsson's (Greta Garbo) contract with Svensk Filmindustri

(26 February 2001)
A photograph of a reproduction of Greta Gustafsson's contract with Svensk Filmindustri ("the Swedish Film Company," roughly translated).  You can't make out much of the text, but you can see her signature at the lower left.

Näckrosen, platform, quotation from Harry Martinson

(26 February 2001)
Etched into the platform, a quotation from the beloved Swedish author Harry Martinson:  "Many things in life must be like play in order to be lived" would be my feeble attempt at a translation.

Näckrosen, southbound train arriving

(26 February 2001)
A southbound train arriving at Näckrosen.

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