Hornstull (Tub2, all lines)

Hornstull was opened on 5 April 1964.

Hornstull, northbound train departing

(21 July 2001)
A northbound train on line 24 (for Mörby centrum) leaving Hornstull.

Hornstull, northbound train leaves

(21 July 2001)
The same northbound train as it leaves the station behind.
Notice the shape of the ceiling; the tunnel opening, which you can't see here, echoes the curve of the ceiling. These are very typical of the 1960s stations on the tunnelbana. The 1950s stations, like Hötorget, tend to be more boxlike, while 1970s and 1980s stations like Duvbo have uncovered rock walls and are more cavelike.

Hornstull, station name on track wall

(21 July 2001)
The station name is part of the artwork on the track wall. I think this is a pleasant variation on the usual track wall signs.

Hornstull, northbound platform, train highballing, 1

Hornstull, northbound platform, train highballing, 2

(21 July 2001)
Here are two views of an empty train passing Hornstull without stopping (that's why the train's a bit blurry).

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