Globen (Tub1, line 19)

Globen opened on 9 September 1951.

The photos on this page were taken by, and are copyright 2002, Thomas Flachsbinder.

Globen, north ticket hall

(April 2002)
The north ticket hall at Globen. This station serves the large sports and concert arena called Globen (in English, the Stockholm Globe Arena), a substantial shopping center, and a group of office buildings. It was originally calld Slakthuset, "the slaughterhouse," because that was the central feature of the area. There are still meat-processing industries located nearby. Later, it was renamed "Isstadion," "the ice stadium," after the nearby hockey stadium which is now called Söderstadion ("the south stadium"). And after Globen opened in 1989, the name was changed again to Globen. This is the only subway station in Stockholm that has had three different names.

Globen, north ticket hall, view 2

(April 2002)
A second view of the north ticket hall. This is the ticket hall nearest the Globe Arena, shopping, and offices. The south ticket hall is closer to the industrial areas such as the meat-processing plants.

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