Farsta strand (Tub1, line 18)

Farsta strand opened on 29 August 1971, making it one of the most recently opened stations (the "new" underground station at Bagarmossen, and the completely new station at Skarpnäck, opened on 15 August 1994).

Farsta strand, train of Cx stock

(20 May 2000)
This view shows a train of older stock, called "Cx" because the type designations have run from C1 to C15; the term "Cx" is used in contrast to the "C20" for the newest stock.  This train is taking its recovery time between arrival and departure at Farsta strand.

Farsta strand, train awaiting departure

(18 May 2003)
This C20 train is also taking its recovery time on track 1 at Farsta strand. This shot shows the rear (timetable south) portion of the station. At the right is the station exit.

Farsta strand, view along track 2

(18 May 2003)
This view shows track 2, the track that would be occupied by southbound (arriving) trains if they did not take the diverging route into the station.

Farsta strand, view south along track 2

(18 May 2003)
This view looks timetable south (toward the end of the tracks). It shows the odd circular windows that are cut out of the concrete walls of the station exit.

Farsta strand, another view south along track 2

(18 May 2003)
This similar view also shows one of the (ugly, in my opinion) station name signs.

Farsta strand, train and LED sign

(18 May 2003)
Here we see the same train on track 1, looking timetable north. The lighted sign next to the platform edge tells us that the train will depart in three minutes.

Farsta strand, looking north along track 2

(18 May 2003)
This slightly different view of track 2 shows the signal at the end of the platform, as well as the tunnel mouth. At the right is a layup track.

Farsta strand, station exit

(18 May 2003)
This shot shows the station exit. The lighted sign over the escalator tells us that this escalator goes up (that's why it's green).

Farsta strand, station entrance

(18 May 2003)
And here is a view of the station entrance (again, that really plain station name sign).

Farsta strand, other side of station exit

(18 May 2003)
Here's the other side of the station exit. The red lighted sign tells us that this escalator goes "Not up" (!).

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