Bandhagen (Tub1, line 19)

Bandhagen opened on 22 November 1954.

The photos on this page were taken by, and are copyright 2002, Thomas Flachsbinder.

Bandhagen, artwork on platform

(April 2002)
This photo of the platform shows the artwork on the platform, a long and winding ruler that snakes its way down the platform, into the ticket hall and finally out onto the sidewalk outside. The large stone is from the island of Öland, off the southeastern coast of Sweden.

Bandhagen, northbound train arriving

(April 2002)
A northbound train arriving at Bandhagen.

Bandhagen, northbound train stopped

(April 2002)
The same train during its station stop at Bandhagen.

Bandhagen, northbound train departing

(April 2002)
And a view of the same train departing Bandhagen.

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