Bagarmossen (Tub1, line 17)

Opened on 15 August 1994, replacing an earlier surface station opened 19 November 1958.

Bagarmossen station is decorated with backlighted colored panels on the track walls.

Northbound train departing Bagarmossen

(16 March 2001)
A northbound train of C20 stock departing Bagarmossen for Odenplan.

Bagarmossen, northbound track and platform face

(16 March 2001)
The northbound track and platform face at Bagarmossen. This view also shows the colored panels on both track walls.

Bagarmossen, southbound track and platform face

(16 March 2001)
A view of the southbound track and platform face, more clearly showing the colored panels on that side.

Bagarmossen, wide view of platform

(16 March 2001)
A wider view of the length of the platform.

Bagarmossen, platform looking timetable north

(16 March 2001)
A view of the platform looking timetable north, toward the station exit.

Bagarmossen, view into tunnel

(16 March 2001)
This tunnel is the northbound track, and this view is looking timetable south toward Skarpnäck.

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