Solsidan, opened on 18 August 1913, is the terminal for Saltsjöbanan's branch line. The station building is substantially intact and includes a restaurant (which serves very nice lunches).

Solsidan, logos on train

(10 July 2002)
Two logos on a train. The upper logo is that of SL, the transit agency that's responsible for all land-based local public transport within the Stockholm region. The lower logo, which someone tried to remove and didn't fully succeed, is that of SL Tåg AB, a subsidiary of SL that ran local rail lines in the Stockholm region during the early to mid-1990s.

Solsidan, train arriving

(10 July 2002)
From my lunch table, a view of a train arriving at Solsidan.

Solsidan, train arriving, view 2

(10 July 2002)
A view of the same train as it was coming to a stop.

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