The original station opened on 2 July 1893 and was used until 6 December 1947. The new station, with a different track arrangement, was opened on 7 December 1947. It is now the terminal for the main line (Solsidan is the terminal for the branch line).

Saltsjöbaden, looking toward the water

(2 February 2002)
A view of the platform looking toward the bumper blocks and the water.

Saltsjöbaden, view of train

(2 February 2002)
Looking in the inbound direction (toward Slussen), a train taking its layover at Saltsjöbaden.

Saltsjöbaden, side view of train

(2 February 2002)
A long side view of the same train.

Saltsjöbaden, main building

(2 February 2002)
In addition to station facilities, this building includes a kiosk and a small grocery store.

Saltsjöbaden, train preparing for departure

(2 February 2002)
The train is getting ready to leave.

Saltsjöbaden, main building, view 2

(2 February 2002)
The near end of the main building (nearest the platform, that is).

Saltsjöbaden, driver preparing to leave

(2 February 2002)
The driver is getting ready to take the train back toward Slussen.

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