Here are a few photos of the Underground station at Uxbridge. Both the Metropolitan Line and the Piccadilly Line serve this station.

Uxbridge, looking west
(19 August 2001)
This view looks timetable west, toward the station building and exit and the end of the tracks.

Uxbridge, sand train stop
(19 August 2001)
The train stop for this track at Uxbridge consists of several red lights and a pile of sand. More effective than you might think.

Uxbridge, clock with train indicators
(19 August 2001)
This clock with train indicators and line diagrams is on the station side of the end of the center track at Uxbridge -- i.e., it's the main thing that attracts your attention as you approach the platforms.

Uxbridge, station exit
(19 August 2001)
Looking toward the exit. The stained glass is what caught my attention and made me want to photograph this station.

Uxbridge, Metropolitan Line train arriving
(19 August 2001)
A Metropolitan Line train arriving at Uxbridge.

Uxbridge, station name on track wall
(19 August 2001)
The station name on the Underground roundel, on one of the track walls at Uxbridge.

Uxbridge, Metropolitan Line train on center track
(19 August 2001)
A Metropolitan Line train (next destination, Aldgate) on the center track at Uxbridge.

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