Lidingöbanan 8 - Skärsätra

Skärsätra station replaced Centralvägen and Parkvägen.  It was built on a meadow where there used to be just a single track.

I find Skärsätra very modern, very yellow, and not very Lidingöbanan.  As a driver, I appreciate the bright lighting that makes it easy to see people both at the station and nearby, but esthetically it's just too overwhelming.  Some of my colleagues think it looks like a regional rail ("pendeltåg") station; it reminds me of an American convenience store/gas station.  Ugh.

Anyway, judge for yourself.

(29 October 2000)
Taken the day before the station opened for service.  This view is looking timetable south, toward Ropsten.  The next station is Aga.

(29 October 2000)
I think this view from across the road helps explain why the station reminds me of a gas station.  Just look at those light poles!

(30 October 2000)
On a rainy Monday, the opening ceremonies for Skärsätra were held.  This view shows car 17, a Lidingö car in original condition, waiting to depart on the northbound track (on the left).

(6 February 2001)
Looking timetable south from the north end of Skärsätra station.
It's so YELLOW!...  As I understand it, the idea of using yellow was to respect the yellow color used on the station buildings on Lidingöbanan, but unfortunately the effect is stronger than what was intended.  I think it would have been better to use the reddish-brown color also found on the station buildings for some of the details here (and at Gåshaga brygga, the new station at the far end of the line, which looks basically similar).

(6 February 2001)
This view is looking timetable north.  The next stop is Kottla.
Another unfortunate thing about this station is that the shelters on the northbound platform (on the right in the picture) are too narrow to provide any protection against the rain unless you're AWFULLY thin.  Admittedly you don't get many people waiting here to travel northbound, but still.

(6 February 2001)
Looking north from the north end of the station platforms.  This used to be a meadow with one track running through it.  As you might expect, it was much prettier then.

(6 February 2001)
A southbound train arriving at Skärsätra.

(14 February 2001)
The north end of Skärsätra, looking timetable south.  Kottla is behind us.
Compare these views:

(21 May 2000)
This, again, is Parkvägen.  The picture of Skärsätra was taken standing on the footpath that's in the foreground of this picture.  Yes, the picture of Skärsätra suffers by comparison partly because of the time of year, but all that ballast is also a big part of the problem.

(12 September 2000)
Taken from the same vantage point as the above picture of Skärsätra.

(14 February 2001)
Looking timetable north (toward Kottla) from the same point as in the previous view of Skärsätra.

Skärsätra, looking north, TAM sign

(11 August 2002)
On 11 August 2002, Lidingöbanan was closed from Högberga to Gåshaga brygga in order for switch replacement to be done at Brevik. Since the line is single-track from Skärsätra to Högberga, TAM ("tåganmälan," which requires each train to obtain permission from Control before proceeding onto the single track) was in effect for the whole day. This view, looking timetable north (toward Gåshaga) from the southbound platform at Skärsätra, shows the signal for northbound moves and the TAM sign, which reminds drivers to obtain permission before proceeding past the signal (which is red, anyway).

Skärsätra, station building

(11 August 2002)
From the pedestrian crossing over the tracks at the north end of the station, a view of the station building.

Skärsätra, northbound train approaching

(11 August 2002)
A northbound train approaches Skärsätra from Aga. This train will only go as far as Högberga. Passengers wishing to ride beyond Högberga will transfer to a replacement bus service at Kottla, where there is a convenient bus interchange with the train.

Skärsätra, northbound train stopping

(11 August 2002)
The same northbound train about to stop at Skärsätra.

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