A few photos from Vanløse, mostly of the Metro but a couple showing the S-tog as well.

Metro train at Vanløse
(16 June 2004)
This train is ready to depart Vanløse for Vestamager.

Metro train at Vanløse 2
(16 June 2004)
And this train has just arrived, and will shortly be operated into the yard (it looked like) by a driver.

Vanløse, train departing
(16 June 2004)
The train shown in the first picture above is seen here departing for Vestamager.

Vanløse, train departing 2
(16 June 2004)
A more distant view of the same train.

Vanløse, detail of Metro train
(16 June 2004)
This view, although a bit dark, shows more detail of the exterior of the Metro trains. This is the same train seen in the second picture from the top.

Vanløse, train arriving
(16 June 2004)
A train arriving at Vanløse. Note the passengers sitting in the large "picture window" at the front.

Vanløse, S-tog about to depart
(16 June 2004)
At the Vanløse S-tog station, this train is about to depart.

Vanløse, S-tog departing
(16 June 2004)
The same train as it departs Vanløse.

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